Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting Out of Debt: CitiBank Check

Goodbye CitiBank! It is official my first student loan is paid off! Josh and I estimate we paid this loan off six - seven years early (based on what CitiBank had laid out as our payment plan). How exciting to see this message when I logged in to the website this morning:

Loan Balances
You do not currently have any active or fully disbursed loans on our system.

Thanks you Dave Rasmey for changing our view point on debt!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

College Blessings

Josh is currently working full time and going to school part time. As we are trying to knock debt out of our lives it is hard to justify getting yet another student loan. So we decided we would be trying our hardest to pay for Josh's college in cash. Well things happen and we saw we were not going to meet this goal for the 2011-2012 school year.  Josh and I were very pleased we had scraped up enough to at the very least pay for all his books in cash.  Then something happened, we prayed, God answered. Josh was given the Pell Grant for this school year amounting to enough to pay for Fall and Spring semester plus books! Since we have already saved for books this extra cash will go towards paying for Summer semester. What a blessing! God is always answering our prayers and getting us through the tough spots and celebrating with us!

Josh studying and watching the kids play in the pool while camping. 


What a silly thing....that we got pulled into. :) Our Texas and Missouri families have been planking everywhere.  With our annual family calendar getting put together soon it was decided March will be dedicated to planking pictures. Which means Josh and I had to get a really good planking picture put together.  Now our family has planked the Welcome to Texas sign, police cars, in front of a fire in fire gear, grocery carts, the red ball outside of Target, and so much more. So Josh and my planking submission for the March calendar (sounds more official this way) is....

What do you think??

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo

We had an amazing time this Labor Day weekend.  My parents invited us to go camping with them and we jumped on the deal. Campfires, walks, rainy days, movie nights, and so much more. Our family along with the grandparents decided to take a day trip to the Omaha Zoo.  The kids loved it!

We had an amazing day!

Science Center

Tristan had the pleasure of visiting our local Science Center for the very first time with his Papa and MineMe and some of our out-of-town family members.
Tristan using the stomp rocket.

Vann, Kim, Tristan, and Aunt Lori getting ready to launch their paper airplanes.

Making bubbles.

 Vann and Tristan playing.

Papa and Tristan setting up dominoes.

T-Shirt Quilt

This was by far the scariest project I have ever done! One of my best friends asked me to make her a queen size t-shirt blanket.  Being as I am ,what I would consider, a beginner at sewing I thought the challenge would be great. This was until it came to actually doing the project. It took me weeks to build up the courage to cut the favored t-shirts and then months to take on the sewing.  I really did not want to screw this one up! After building up some confidence, putting in the time, sewing together almost 50 treasured shirts, interfacing, ironing, pinning, cutting, breaking 4+ needles, using every coupon I could find to get the expensive fleece on sale I came up with this...

And I would do it all again in a heart beat! I already have the shirts I want for my own picked out. 

Blank Park Zoo

Our church had a service at our local zoo a couple weekends ago.  It was so nice to gather together for worship, have lunch, and then go out and visit the zoo. This was Adeline's first trip to the zoo.  Our out-of-town family was with us at the park so the kids were able to show Vann around the zoo as well.



 This picture was extremely hard to get as Tristan is a runner.

Vann watching the Wallaby.

Adeline, Tristan and Vann watching the baby Wallaby.

Tristan and Vann, take notice that Tristan is blurry as he is trying to get out of the picture. :)

Best pals!

Adeline telling someone about the animal she was observing.

Tristan and Vann watching the birds.

Adeline with the alligators. This was a common site from Adeline as she poses for pictures. 

 Getting wet from the waterfall.

Adeline and MineMe.

Tristan was so excited the whole way through the zoo as he would run from one animal to the next. 

Attempt at a family picture. 

Papa and Tristan with a snake.

The kids loved the zoo so much! Can't wait to get a season pass in the future so we can go more often.